About Sardinia

Sardinia is the mediterranean island which can excite strong emotions having a lot of charm and a lot of varous panoramas... from the mountains to the sea... especially the beaches. But we can't forget that Sardinia can offer good trekking, climbing and diving. Because of a mild climate during the winter and hot but windy during the summer we can dive during the all year.


Accomodation (Villa in Irgoli)

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Diving in the Gulf of Orosei  

The Gulf of Orosei is on the east coast of the island.

Perhaps the most exciting dive site is the wreck of a German support ship, the KT Elbex, which sank in World War II and is one of the best preserved wrecks in the whole mediterranean sea.

Accomodation ( Villa in Irgoli )

Irgoli is an ideal place where to stay.
It's about 7km away from Orosei and not far from Dorgali (20/25 min. by car ) and from Siniscola.

Not crowded during the "off season" (the shops are open also during the off season), you'll have peace and the nearness to the most important resorts of the Gulf of Orosei.

All the pictures and the texts you find on this page are from Franco Luche who is  the owner of the OROSEI DIVING CENTER.