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We are in Irgoli, a little village which however is a good solution for  the tourist who wants both peace and the nearness to the most important resorts in the North of Sardinia bacause Irgoli is in a central position between important resorts like Orosei, Dorgali and Cala Gonone (Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu),  Siniscola (La Caletta, Santa Lucia) Budoni (Cala Brandinchi), San Teodoro (La Cinta), Oliena. Irgoli is 8Km away from the sea. Instead if you want to visit Sardinia without the crowd... here we are during the winter too!! 

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Irgoli is placed in the part of Island knonw with the name "Baronia". The Baronia's territory is that part of the island which borders Barbagia's territory (South and West) and Gallura's territory(North). Irgoli in particular  belongs to the "Low Baronia".Situated in the Cedrino River's Valley, it's protected on the North from Mt Senes which can offer strong emotions to the nature's lovers .Stimulating  landscapes, thick secular ilex's forest typical elements of mediterranian's flora like  Mirtle  ("sa murta"), Cisto ("su mutrecu"), Lentischio ("sa chessa"), Ginepro ("su ghiniperu"),Corbezzolo ("su lidone"), and Oak ("su kerku"). About the fauna's  point of view we can find  Partridge ("sa perdighe"), Goshawk ("s'astore"), Fox ("su mariane"), wild boar("su sirvone"). Also interesting the locality of  Norghio where there is a spring which provides the drinkable water to the town. 

Panorama of the Senes Mountain

Tipical bread of this part of Sardinia: the Pane Carasau

Irgoli is famous for the Cheese and Cold Cuts production

The most important economical activities are still today agriculture and  sheep-farming but Irgoli is knowing a growing tourist development thanks to the exploitation of the local resources and products like "Pane carasau" (the Sardinia bread) cold Cuts, Wines and Cheese. 

Unusual is the history of the name "Irgoli" : several historical documents speak about: Ligori, Dori Locum, Hircus, Hirculus, Irculi, Ircule, Irguoli and finally Irgoli.There are also many archeological discoveries like noumerous "Nuraghes"( a paricular kind of blockhouse existing only in Sardinia) like the "Nuraghe Tutturu","Luminie's Nuraghe", "Alinoe's Nuraghe","Santu Andria's Nuraghe","Norg˛e" and "Janna 'e prunas".We can't also forget "Sa conca e mortu" (="Skull") which is the most picturesque between the "Domus de Jana" we can find in the Irgoli'sterritory.A "Domus de jana" is a cave dug by the man during the Stone Age and used like interment place and it's dug in a way that riproduces the shape of the human skull.

The Janna 'e Prunas Temple

The domus de jana known with the name Sa Conca 'e Mortu

We can't forget the "Murales" (wall paintings) reproducing  the culture and the traditions of Sardinia which you can find in the walls of the houses of the village.

Exemple of Murales Exemple of Murales Exemple of Murales Exemple of Murales Exemple of Murales